New Hampshire is the latest among many states that are looking at raising fuel taxes.

Legislation that’s received initial approval in the House would increase the state's fuel tax by 15 cents a gallon. It would be phased in over six years for diesel and over four years for gasoline.

The last time New Hampshire increased its fuel tax was in 1991. Currently the fuel tax in the state, including federal taxes, is 44 cents per gallon for diesel and 38 cents for gasoline.

The legislation, which initially passed, mainly along party lines, with 192 Democrats and 15 Republicans voting for it while 10 Democrats and 153 Republicans voted against it, may likely see a greater challenge if it makes it to the Republican controlled New Hampshire Senate.

Some Senate opponents say the bill would be dead upon arrival.

Supporters say the increase is needed to repair roads and bridges as well as complete a widening project along I-93 in the southern part of New Hampshire. However, opponents say the proposed increase in the fuel tax places too heavy a burden on residents and businesses.