HDA Truck Pride has expanded its Master Warehouse to a new, larger facility in the metropolitan St Louis area.

The expansion supports HDA Truck Prides Strategic Plan to ensure availability of all critical products and services to the entire membership. The facility will also house the corporate offices, combining formerly separate operations and improving customer service to the members, according to the organization.

The larger, modernized facility will allow us to expand our Master Warehouse offering immediately," says Bill Burns, COO. "And while our goal is to ensure the availability of all critical products, we also have plans for ancillary items and complementary product categories."

Combining the corporate offices into the new facility also allows for enhanced customer service with streamlined communication and immediate response to members, according to Burns.

The new corporate office location is effective Dec. 15. The Master Warehouse will be a transitional move throughout the next few weeks.

Shawn Shumaker, vice president of program management, will assume responsibility for Master Warehouse operations, reporting to Bill Burns. Plans are under way for rapid expansion of product coverage in the new Master Warehouse.