EcoDual LLC, a provider of diesel-to-natural-gas dual fuel conversion systems for heavy-duty diesel trucks, and Freightliner of Arizona announced a distribution and servicing agreement to deliver and support the EcoDual product line.

EcoDual says its natural gas-to-diesel fuel substitution rate is one of the highest among available dual fuel conversion kits, providing fuel cost savings of 30%. The cost of the dual fuel system is often recovered in operational savings within one year without any government incentives, according to the company.

Freightliner of Arizona will roll out the EcoDual product line through its four Arizona dealerships in Tolleson, Chandler, Flagstaff and Tucson.

"We are building a network of natural gas stations through our sister company, EVO CNG," said Freightliner of Arizona Owner and President Danny Cuzick. "The EcoDual conversions will enable many more fleet owners to use our CNG stations and reap the cost-reduction benefits of lower-priced natural gas."