Questions about whether or not trucks would see an increase in toll costs on the New York State Thruway still remain unanswered.

The New York State Thruway Authority postponed a meeting, originally scheduled for Friday, Nov. 9, until the following Tuesday. The authority gave no reasons for why the meeting was delayed.

The original meeting could have resulted in a 45% increase in toll costs for truck traffic. There is no set agenda for the upcoming Tuesday meeting, and it is not certain that the original proposal to increase toll costs put forward in May, will even be voted on.

According to an article by The Post-Standard, it costs a truck with three axles or more currently $88 to travel from Buffalo to New York City. With the proposed toll increases that amount would jump to $127.

The article goes on to state that the authority maintains that it needs to increase revenues "to keep its debt at a certain level as a promise to bond holders." Currently, the authority has an outstanding debt of $3.7 billion.