Submitting International Fuel Tax Agreement Quarterly Tax Returns just got easier for Kansas-based motor carriers, thanks to the Kansas Department of Revenue's Kansas IFTA Quarterly Filings application.

Kansas motor carriers with an active Kansas ID and an IFTA license can submit their IFTA Quarterly tax returns online, anytime, without manually filling out paper forms or performing manual calculations on taxes, interest, and penalties. The application also allows motor carriers with an outstanding tax balance to conveniently make payments online (EFT) with an electronic check or print a mail-in payment voucher and pay by check.

"Online filing benefits Kansas-based motor carriers and Kansas Department of Revenue with faster and more efficient processing of returns and refunds," said Ken Rakestraw, Customer Relations Core Process Manager or the Kansas Department of Revenue. "The carrier enters the total miles and gallons purchased during the quarter, per jurisdiction traveled, and the calculations are automatically calculated. Copies of returns can be easily accessed for free through your online history."

Built as a part of TruckingKS, the Kansas Department of Revenue's online trucking permit system, the enhanced Kansas IFTA Quarterly Filings application offers an updated look, as well as improved ability to perform the following:
- Change your mailing address
- Automatically calculate taxes, interest, and penalties
- File the current quarter return on an active account
- Access a personal history of any and all Kansas IFTA Quarterly tax filings completed online