Belle Tire in Allen Park, Mich., hosted the fifth stop on Bridgestone's Ecopia Road Show tour, yesterday. The event brought customers and sales people together to discover the benefits of Ecopia low-rolling-resistance tires.
Bridgestone plans 24 stops for its Ecopia Roadshow Tour.
Bridgestone plans 24 stops for its Ecopia Roadshow Tour.

The tour features hands-on displays and demonstrations of the full range of Ecopia new truck tires and Bandag FuelTech retreads, launched at the Mid-America Trucking Show in March.

The Ecopia tire lineup features fuel efficient steer, drive and trailer tires in dual and wide-base single designs, that Bridgestone claims will provide a 24% reduction in rolling resistance, lowering operating costs while providing improved miles per 32nd of tread rubber.

Also featured in the Roadshow Tour is the line of FuelTech retreads, ideal companions for the Ecopia fuel-efficient casings, but available for use on any casing.

There are 24 stops planned on the Ecopia Road Show Tour, which winds up in Evansville, Ind. on Oct. 19.

For a full listing of tour stops, visit the Ecopia Tour website.