Three additional Mexican carriers have cleared a pre-authorization safety audit for long-distance service across the border and are waiting for authority to join the three carriers already operating.

The carriers are Higienicos y Desechables del Bajio SA, Servicios Refrigerados Internacionales SA de CV, and Transportes Del Valle De Guadlupe SA de CV. The application of another carrier, Grupo Behr de Baja California, is on hold pending additional review.

Each of the three companies would have one truck and one driver in cross-border service once its application gets final approval.

Under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration procedures, applicants must clear a pre-authorization audit and submit to a public comment process before obtaining provisional operating authority.

Provisional authority will last for 18 months. After then, if the carrier has no pending enforcement or safety improvement actions and has cleared a compliance review, it is eligible for permanent authority in the pilot program.