The Illinois DOT says during the NATO Summit in Chicago May 20-21, it's best to avoid the city, especially downtown and South Loop, during that week. It's also placing certain restrictions (with no permit loads) on oversize and overweight loads.

Effective May 18-22, all oversize and overweight loads are prohibited on the expressway and ramps on:

- All roadways from Damen Ave. East to Lake Michigan and from 39th Street North to IL 64 (North Ave.)

- I-90 Chicago-(Kennedy Expressway) I-90 to IL-64:

- I-94 Chicago-(Kennedy Expressway) I-90 (West junction )to IL-64

- I-190 Chicago O'Hare To I-90 (Kennedy Expressway)

About 10,000 people, including about 2,000 journalists, are expected to come to Chicago for the summit. That estimate does not include anti-NATO protesters.

As the Chicago Tribune reports, in Chicago and the suburbs, gates at highway entrance ramps are being checked to make sure they are in working order to close and reopen access to the roads - "a procedure originally designed for use in an all-out emergency like a bioterrorism attack."

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The city of Chicago also will be relying on the "Notify Chicago" system to keep residents and visitors updated on traffic issues. This alert system will inform users about street closures, bus reroutes, and potential delays. To sign up for this free text, email, or phone alert service, please visit the Notify Chicago website.