The American Transportation Research Institute launched its second annual truck driver survey to identify CSA impacts on trucking operations, as well as driver perceptions and attitudes toward the maturing regulatory program.

This survey, which will expand upon the truck driver research that ATRI undertook at last month's Mid-America Trucking Show, will be compared and contrasted with last year's CSA research, which included data from more than 5,000 drivers.

The brief online survey asks drivers for information on how their perceptions of CSA have changed or been affected as CSA continues its second full year of measuring motor carrier and commercial driver safety performance. The survey also seeks to capture attitudes toward the program and general understanding of its key components.

Commercial drivers are encouraged to provide confidential input on CSA through ATRI's survey, available The aggregated and anonymized results of the survey will be available later this year, accompanied by findings from ATRI's surveys of other stakeholder groups impacted by CSA, including motor carriers, shippers and the enforcement community.