PeopleNet is getting ready to offer a fuel-theft detection solution with the help of sister company, data analytics provider Vusion.

With Vusion's fuel theft detection and a PeopleNet onboard computer connected to the vehicle's J1939 bus, fleets will be able to track pre- and post-transaction fuel tank levels without the cost of additional hardware such as RFID tags. The data is integrated with fuel purchases for verification that the entire purchase was deposited into the truck.

Making the announcement at the Truckload Carriers Association annual convention in Orlando, Fla., PeopleNet President Brian McLaughlin explained that with this system, fleets are not tied into a single fuel provider.

After the driver pulls up to the fuel pump and turns off the tractor, the PeopleNet system detects the "Ignition Off" event and immediately captures and stores the tank level. When the driver restarts the tractor after fueling is complete, PeopleNet records the "Ignition On" tank level and transmits the tank-level readings for each event.

Vusion receives, processes, and aligns electronic fuel-purchase data with the tank size and calculates tank-level changes. For immediate notification of fuel theft, Vusion creates an Excess Fuel alert when the volume of fuel purchased (reported in gallons) exceeds the net change in fuel recorded by the onboard computer.

The system also detects tank-level changes due to siphoning, and through continuous monitoring captures tank level changes even when the driver fails to turn off the truck prior to fueling.

Additional enhancements, available mid-year, will include pre-authorization of purchase amounts in order to limit authorizations to the net available tank capacity.