Kentucky Trailer significantly expanded its capacity to produce complete race transporters for the motorsports market under the brand Kentucky High Tech Performance Trailers.

For more than 25 years, Kentucky Trailer has produced race transporter shells for aftermarket conversion companies. This strategy met the conversion companies' needs, yet rarely met the market segment's overall delivery time frames, says the company. To better serve customer needs, Kentucky Trailer initiated plans to design, build and produce complete race transporters. Additionally, race transporter shells are produced and held in inventory, which allows for immediate conversion to customers' unique specifications.

Production of race transporter and other custom trailers is performed at Kentucky Trailer's new 240,000-square-foot production facility in Louisville, Ky. Kentucky High Tech Performance Trailers completes every facet of trailer production, including custom expandable lounge areas, custom cabinetry and electronics. There are a wide variety of generators, liftgates and HVAC options, as well. The company also expanded its custom paint and graphic application capacity when it opened the 85,000-square-foot Kentucky Paint & Reconditioning plant in February 2011.

"We have refined our process and production capacity to easily handle the motorsports market's quick order and delivery cycle needs," says Kentucky Trailer Senior Vice President Charles Ducas.