Last year, Accuride significantly enhanced its capacity to make aluminum wheels for the commercial vehicle industry.

This was made possible by a combination of strategic acquisitions, key process technology investments and transfers of aluminum wheel machining lines within its operations. These actions were part of a $35 million strategic initiative to boost the company's ability to meet the growing demand from the commercial vehicle industry for aluminum wheels.

In June, Accuride acquired all of the assets of Forgitron Technologies LLC, and those assets included an 80,000-square-foot aluminum wheel manufacturing facility in Camden, S.C. The addition of this facility increased Accuride's aluminum wheel manufacturing capacity in North America by 21%.

In November, Accuride launched its Mega-Line at its plant in Erie, Penn. The Mega-Line uses a fully automated manufacturing process with eight robots. This technology increased Accuride's aluminum wheel manufacturing capacity by an additional 42%. Also in November, Accuride expanded to Monterrey, Mexico, in response to growing demand.

Accuride has plans for further investments in 2012 and 2013, and announcements about those investments will be made this month.