RAIR, a division of DriveCam and a provider of web-based safety and compliance solutions, has partnered with Instructional Technologies, Inc. to provide ITI's Pro-TREAD online safety training to DOT-regulated fleets.

The new partnership enables customers to address risky behavior by matching specific training lessons to individual drivers based on key performance indicators, including CSA BASIC scores.

"By assigning Pro-TREAD training lessons from within RAIR's reporting system, users can directly link risky driving behavior to appropriate training content, enabling relevant and meaningful interaction with drivers," says RAIR CEO, Greg Lofy. "For example, a user of RAIR's DVIR auditing program can currently identify a driver who routinely fails to perform proper pre-trip inspections on his tanker. With our new partnership, the user will be able to navigate directly from RAIR's DVIR reports to Pro-TREAD to assign the Tanker Pre-trip Inspection lesson to that driver."

"RAIR and Instructional Technologies make an excellent alliance," said Dr. James Voorhees, founder and CEO of Instructional Technologies, Inc. "Both companies provide easy-to-use online services that help carriers operate safely, reduce costs and limit risk. Giving fleets the ability to take immediate, driver-specific action on RAIR's safety analysis makes our highways safer."

More info: www.rair.com. or www.instructiontech.net