Last year, FreightWatch reported that cargo crime increases by 28% over holiday periods and that Thanksgiving weekend recorded the most cargo theft activity of all holiday periods in the United States.

Shippers, manufacturers and transportation companies must remain aware of the increased security risks during the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. Long holidays provide criminals with excellent opportunities to target, steal and transport goods to their storage locations before the product is even discovered missing.

Additionally, holidays can cause long delays for drivers attempting to deliver loads. These delays will increase the risk to drivers and loads in-transit by leaving them vulnerable for longer periods of time.

Warehousing operations should ensure security alarm systems are functioning properly.

FreightWatch also recommends the following:

- Treat all alarm trouble signals as an intrusion alarm
- Do not rely on a backup (cellular/radio) system
- If primary alarm fails, assign security officer to patrol facility exterior or have a member of management remain at the facility

For in-transit operations, FreightWatch recommends drivers remain vigilant and maintain communication with their dispatch when stopped at high-risk areas such as truck stops and rest areas. Loads should not be dropped or left unattended for any reason.

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