Aerofficient will open a Canadian subsidiary, Aerofficient Canada, Inc., to better serve the high demand from Canadian trucking companies. The facility will be headquartered in Windsor, Ont.

"The demand was such that we determined that a local business versus a cross-border business was needed," stated Jim Reiman, CEO of Aerofficient. "Although trailer fairings are increasing in popularity in the U.S., Canadian fleets have been using them for quite a while now. Canadians' greater experience with fairings has made them especially appreciative of the unique features and unmatched durability of Aerofficient's products."

Aerofficient recently inked a deal with Ontario-based Onfreight Logistics to equip it's entire fleet of road trailers with Aerofficient side fairings.

According to Steve Ondejko, president of Onfreight, Aerofficient was selected based on its simplicity, quality of engineering, durable, lightweight materials, and superior aerodynamic performance.

"Aerofficient's fairings are a quality product that was obviously designed by people who understand the rigors of trucking," he said.

Aerofficient's fairings are produced from an injection molded automotive-grade thermoplastic polyolefin material known for its high performance properties and its ability to withstand thermal expansion and contraction caused by extremes of heat and cold. In addition, the hinged, three-panel design of Aerofficient's fairings provides the strength and flexibility necessary for survival in the real world of trucking, such as drop-down docks, snow banks and road and yard hazards.

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