With continued growth in the availability and use of shore power, drivers, vehicle owners and fleet operators need to know how they can take advantage of truck-stop electrification and anti-idling technology.

They'll get answers to their questions and an overview of how truck stop electrification is changing the trucking industry through a free one-hour webinar to be held 11 a.m. Pacific/2 p.m. Eastern on Nov. 15.

"Truck Stop Electrification: The Time Has Come" will feature presentations from the organizations deploying TSE around the country, as well as from truck-stop operators and equipment manufacturers. A Q&A session is scheduled at the end of the webinar.

Among the topics to be covered are, the history of TSE, where it's available now, where it will be available in the months ahead, what equipment is needed to tap into shore power pedestals, what manufacturers are offering in the way of shore power-compatible equipment and what rebates are available for the purchase of such equipment.

The webinar is sponsored by Shorepower Technologies and Cascade Sierra Solutions, which are working together to deploy TSE at 50 truck stops on main freight corridors around the country, through the federally funded Shorepower Truck Electrification Project. Cascade Sierra Solutions is also offering $10 million in rebates for shore power-compatible equipment.

Shore power - similar to the electrical connections already in wide use at RV parks and marinas - allows truckers to operate heaters, air conditioning and other cab equipment without idling the engine. In addition to the immediate cost savings - shore power costs about $1 an hour, compared with $4 for each gallon consumed every hour it takes to run the engine - TSE reduces noise and emissions as well as maintenance and repair expenses that result from long-term idling. It also helps drivers and fleet operators comply with the increasing number of laws limiting or banning truck idling.

Those interested in participating can register in advance here.

Links to the webinar registration page will also be available on Shorepower Technologies' and Cascade Sierra Solution's websites.

The webinar will also be archived online for those who weren't able to take part in the initial presentation.