PACCAR Leasing Company continues to expand its franchise network in North America with the opening of 10 new franchise locations in the United States.

"We're pleased to see our location growth is in a variety of different places across the United States," said PacLease President Bob Southern. "PACCAR dealers find that full-service leasing through PacLease offers their customers an innovative way to solve transportation challenges.

"Private companies that operate trucks are finding it increasingly important to acquire new truck technology to help them reduce their fuel costs as well as their emissions," Southern said. "Full-service leasing can help them accomplish that goal by taking the spec'ing and maintenance guesswork out of the picture."

The new franchise locations are:

* PacLease Jacksonville, 8700 New Kings Road, Jacksonville, Fla. 32219, 904-365-4111;

* Palmer Leasing Group, 9801 Airport Drive, Fort Wayne, Ind., 46809, 260-747-9393;

* Palmer Leasing Group, 2916 Bluff Road, Indianapolis, Ind. 456225, 317-781-0195;

* Cooper Leasing Inc., 1895 Old Haywood Road, Asheville, N.C. 28806, 828-667-8771;

* Hunter Peterbilt PacLease, 524 Monmouth Road, Highway 537, Clarksburg, N.J. 08510, 609-259-5950;

* Hunter Peterbilt PacLease, 9981 Old Route 22, Breinigsville, Pa. 18031, 610-285-2244;

* Peterbilt PacLease of Columbia, 1300 Buckner Road, Columbia, S.C. 29240, 803-832-7700;

* Peterbilt PacLease of Utah, 203 East Playa Della Rosita, Washington, Utah 84165, 435-216-7800;

* PacLease of Northern Virginia, 8100 Alban Road, Springfield, Va. 22150, 888-643-7383 or 703-372-4500;

* Worldwide Equipment Leasing Inc., 3100 MacCorkle Ave., South Charleston, W.Va. 25303, 800-828-5159 or 304-744-1321.