Prime inc. is renovating its Plaza terminal at its Pittston, Pa., location.

"This renovation process began back in 2008," said Adam Landau, terminal manager for the facility. "Everyone has been excited to see the growth and stability of Prime in an economy that has not been as strong as we all would like."

The new Plaza terminal is up and running with a new dispatch office, gym, company store, driver training center and a five-bay fueling facility, which allows drivers to overcome the weather conditions in the area, speed up inspection processes and maximize their hours of service.

"We're really putting our stamp in the Northeast, showing everyone that we're here and not going anywhere," explained Landau. "This is just the beginning. With this expansion, we'll be adding qualified operators, more trucks and even more driver benefits."

uture plans for the Pittston facility include a trailer wash facility, indoor transfer station, detail shop and a full associate amenities center complete with a café, overnight accommodations for drivers, a salon and additional meeting rooms. The completion of the project is slated for late fall this year. Prime, said Landau, looks at the Pittston terminal as a 'Taj Mahal' of sorts in the Northeast when comparing the company to its regional competitors.