Public and private officials from Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona have formed the I-15 Mobility Alliance, a combined effort to keep commerce moving along the interstate corridor.

The Nevada Department of Transportation started the effort in July to form a regional vision and then take action. The alliance seeks to improve overall mobility in the region.

Alliance members are taking an expansive view that includes the whole transportation environment, not just the roadway. Ports, rail, aviation, trucking, multimodal transportation and even information flow will be considered in the mix of options for improving mobility. The holistic approach will require participation from a wide range of stakeholders, so group membership is open-ended.

The group is currently working on an assessment of needs and setting preliminary priorities. Leaders of the alliance met recently to work on a master plan that articulates the need for solutions and defines the group's mission. The document will be presented for endorsement at the AASHTO Annual Meeting in October.