Fifty-four roadside inspectors representing jurisdictions across North America competed in Orlando, Fla., last week in the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's North American Inspectors Championship.
NAIC 2011 Grand Champion John Sova from North Dakota. Photo by Ken Carr.
NAIC 2011 Grand Champion John Sova from North Dakota. Photo by Ken Carr.

John Sova, a CVSA-certified North American Standard inspector from North Dakota, was awarded the Jimmy K. Ammons Grand Champion Award for his combined performances in six competition elements, including the North American Standard Level I Inspection, North American Standard HazMat/Transportation of Dangerous Goods Inspection, and North American Standard Level I Motorcoach Inspection.

"We are proud to recognize and reward each of our 54 roadside inspectors from across North America who not only demonstrate their professional excellence and dedication to highway safety but inspire others to do the same," said Stephen Keppler, CVSA's executive director. "Their enthusiasm and passion goes a long way in advancing commercial vehicle safety and saving lives due to the information, techniques and experiences they will share with others in furtherance of improving uniformity in the enforcement of highway safety standards across the continent."

NAIC is managed by CVSA, is funded in part by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as well as industry sponsorships.

In addition to the Grand Champion award, the following additional awards were presented:

High Points United States: John Sova, North Dakota

High Points Canada: Erik Eustace, Ontario

High Points Mexico: Armando Garcia, Mexico

North American Standard Level I Inspection: 1. John Sova, North Dakota; 2. Robert Iman, Maryland; 3.Derek Canard, Arkansas.

North American Standard Level V Passenger Vehicle (Motorcoach) Inspection: 1. John Sova, North Dakota; 2. Erik Eustace, Ontario; 3. Robert Iman, Maryland.

North American Standard Hazardous Materials/Transportation of Dangerous Goods and Cargo Tank/Bulk Packagings Inspection: 1. Benjamin Schropfer, Nebraska; 2. John Sova, North Dakota; 3. Derek Canard, Arkansas.

The John Youngblood Award of Excellence is a special award NAIC contestants bestow on a fellow NAIC inspector who exemplifies the high standards and unwavering dedication to the profession. This year one contestant overcame great personal loss when a tornado, that ripped through Kansas in May 2011, destroyed his family's home and everything they owned and yet still managed to represent his jurisdiction at this year's NAIC. The award this year goes to Tpr. Jeffrey Norling of the Kansas Highway Patrol.