The findings of an ongoing study by SmartDrive show that fleets can reduce fuel consumption by employing more fuel-efficient driving techniques, eliminating unnecessary idling and reducing excessive speeds, and that instant driver feedback can help.

The immediate feedback from SmartDrive's Instant Driver Feedback system allows drivers to adjust their driving performance in real time, promoting eco-driving techniques that the EPA has cited for improved mileage and reduced emissions.

The SmartDrive Commercial Fleet Fuel Consumption study has analyzed the fuel consumption rates of more than 1,000 commercial drivers in industries including waste hauling, transit, public transportation, and food and beverage delivery.

The study draws on real-time fuel use data, accurate to within few hundredths of an ounce per second, from the vehicle's engine computer to calculate fuel savings. The study examined inefficient driving, unnecessary idling time and excessive speed.

Analysts reviewed data from different vehicle types, with different loads and road conditions, and concluded that commercial fleets that address these three fuel-wasting factors can reduce fuel use by 8-24%, depending on vehicle type and operator driving performance.