Pro-Guardian Breakdown Prevention is a 57-point inspection program recently implemented by independent parts and service provider Inland Truck Parts in 20 locations
in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Texas.

An inspection serves as an early warning system by providing a comprehensive check of all major components - including the brakes, engine, suspension/steering and driveline - to catch any leaks or failing parts.

Dan Sherman, director of delivery and warehouse for National Paper & Sanitary Supply in Omaha, Neb., says "Pro-Guardian is a time-saver. It not only identifies smaller issues before they become big breakdowns, but it helps me with budgeting for truck maintenance."

Pro-Guardian inspections are more comprehensive than typical OEM inspections and can be performed twice yearly, with results, repairs performed and any maintenance due summarized into an e-mail that's sent directly to the truck owner or fleet manager, ITP said.

The simply formatted e-mails are especially convenient, according to Sherman.

"My old service provider wasn't organized. They'd give the inspection information directly to the drivers, so in many cases, it never made its way to me," he said. "The e-mails provide a good, quick look at what's been done for each truck, helping me prioritize maintenance needs without taking a lot of my time. They provide a great backup to my systems."

Another fleet manager who has saved time and money with Pro-Guardian is Alan Thomas, area manager for Community Coffee, which claims to be the largest family-owned retail coffee brand in the U.S. With vans delivering the company's coffee products to locations across the country, Thomas is responsible for keeping costs down and productivity high.

"It's a real benefit to find the little issues before they become a big problem, with a van stranded on the side of the road somewhere," Thomas said. "It's much more thorough than the average inspection and saves me a lot of money in the long run. For example, the inspections have ensured that we identify worn brakes and replace them before the drums are damaged, which is a much more costly repair."

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