IMMI RollTek side rollover protection is now available on all Peterbilt Class 8 vehicles. The RollTek protection system has been integrated in the Atlas Premium Air Ride high-back driver's seat.

RollTek combines side airbag protection with advanced seatbelt technology to help protect commercial vehicle occupants. Under the appropriate conditions, RollTek deploys within a quarter-second to minimize driver movement, increase survivable space and cushion head and neck impact. The system provides continuous sensing to constantly monitor the truck's angular position.

The RollTek side rollover protection system is available on Models 389, 388, 386, 384, 367 and 365.

IMMI Vice President of Sales James Johnson emphasized the importance of rollover protection for truck drivers. "Stability systems reduce commercial vehicle incidents by 25 and 40 percent, but in some situations when rollovers cannot be prevented, RollTek significantly reduces the potential for death or serious injury," he said.

Peterbilt oil industry customers drove the demand for integration of the RollTek option, IMMI said.

In addition to its availability on Peterbilt trucks, RollTek is also available on Freightliner Cascadia Class 8 trucks.