The California Air Resources Board in coordination with six local air districts is offering $106 million in grant funding to help qualified diesel truck owners upgrade or replace their vehicles.

Projects selected for funding include upgrades or replacements that achieve the greatest emission reductions per state dollar and also achieve early or extra emission reductions not required by law or regulation.

The program, supported by $1 billion in voter-approved Proposition 1B bonds, has already awarded $230 million to clean up heavy-duty trucks over the past 2 years.

Local air districts are soliciting applications from truck owners to compete for grants to upgrade or replace their vehicles in March/April 2011, with options that include truck replacement, engine replacement or retrofit. Owners can apply to compete for funding from any of these six air districts, regardless of where their business is based:

- Bay Area Air Quality Management District - $7.5 million in grant funds available
- Imperial County Air Pollution Control District - $3 million
- Sacramento Metro Air Quality Management District - $9.8 million
- San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District - $44.7 million
- San Diego Air Pollution Control District - $6.5 million
- South Coast Air Quality Management District with - $39.8 million

Deadline for applications is April 29, 2011.

Once all applications have been reviewed, they will be ranked according to guidelines established by CARB. In general, owners of the oldest and dirtiest vehicles that travel high miles are the most likely to receive funding assistance.

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