Attendees to the Opening Session of the Mid-West Truckers Association Convention & Truck Show on Feb. 4 in Peoria, Ill., will hear the latest on a wide variety of truck regulations from FMCSA Associate Administrator Anne Collins.

FMCSA is moving ahead with numerous regulatory changes, including a new hours-of-service proposal, considering new restrictions of the use of cell phones and other communication equipment, and implementing the use of electronic on-board recorders (EOBR).

CSA Training Sessions are scheduled for both Friday, February 4 and Saturday, February 5 for those registered to attend the convention. The sessions will detail the new safety rating criteria and the potential impact to both drivers and fleets.

Numerous other breakout sessions are scheduled, including how CSA can affect insurance premiums, proper recordkeeping requirements for IFTA, IRP and DOT regulations, what are the right things to do after an accident, and updates on hazmat and CDL regulations.

The show also features the Trucker's Pride truck beauty contest.

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