TSC Global, LLC, the leading company in the sales, marketing and distribution of consumer brand products to North America's top travel centers is pleased to announce a realignment within their sales force.
This realignment will focus on two main segments; independent travel centers and national travel centers. This announcement comes shortly after TSC's strategic acquisition of Barjan.

The new alignment creates an entirely dedicated sales team that is focused solely on the American and Canadian independent travel centers. In addition, TSC continues to have its current national account sales team that is focused on servicing national travel center retailers. The purpose of the realignment was to increase call frequency to all accounts, as well as to match the needs of travel center owners with the strengths of both TSC sales teams. The realignment will have the largest positive impact on the independent travel center locations across the United States and Canada.

"This realignment allows the focus of the TSC in store merchandising team to be squarely on the national travel center retailers. It also allows our newly formed independent sales team, which has all the product and industry knowledge of our independent travel center base, to focus 100% on driving their business," said Todd Millard, chief operating officer. "We are thrilled to have such a diverse focus of talent within our sales and merchandising teams."

"We understand that buying strategies for our customers are very different," said Watson Boxley, senior vice president. "For national corporate travel centers, buying is always done at the corporate level. Therefore, our national corporate travel center store locations will see TSC in store merchandisers more frequently, allowing for a higher rate of efficiency per store. By contrast, our independent accounts have a very different buying model. Our newly formed independent travel center sales team will increase the sales attention and visit frequency to our independent locations."

John Wiesehan Jr., CEO of TSC believes the realignment will have a positive impact on the entire travel center customer base. "It's really a win-win for all of our customers. We are continually looking for effective retail business solutions that increase sales and gross margin for our retail customers. This realignment increases exposure and real face time with our valued retail partners across our entire customer base."