During the first four months of a statewide crackdown on "unsafe" truckers, police in Connecticut have issued 28,000 violations potentially worth more than $3.4 million in revenue for the state.

Governor M. Jodi Rell ordered State Police and the Department of Motor Vehicles to conduct the crackdown starting in August after a series of major crashes involving trucks caused injuries, deaths and lengthy traffic tie-ups on highways around the state.

"We are intent on making this holiday season a safe one on Connecticut's roadways," Governor Rell said. "The message we continue to hammer home is that Connecticut does not tolerate those who speed, makes unsafe lane changes or tailgate. We continue to see too many high-profile truck accidents that close highways and snarl rush-hour traffic for hours. In most cases, these accidents are related to drivers losing control of their rigs - usually because they were driving in an unsafe way."

Results of the first four months of the crackdown include:

* 797 Speeding/Reckless Driving Violations
* 225 Violations for Driving in the Left Lane
* 1,704 Overweight Truck Violations
* 382 Oversize Vehicle Violations
* 239 Driver's License Violations
* 2,263 Logbook Violations
* 440 Registration Violations
* 3,776 Violations for Defective Lights
* 3,461 Violations for Defective Brakes