Mack Trucks is putting more muscle behind the company's iconic bulldog logo and brand with the launch of an expanded Mack Shop website. offers the full collection of available Mack merchandise, including new items, older collectibles and close-out items. It features favorite Mack toys, die-cast models, caps and clothing for men, women and kids. A large selection of accessories -- watches, key chains, belt buckles -- are available, too. Flash drives, pen sets, bags, luggage and many other items for home and office can easily be viewed and selected.

"Mack customers have an emotional connection with the brand and like to show it," said Cam Creech, Mack marketing communications manager, brand licensing & merchandising. "At customer events and brick-and-mortar stores, we often hear how Mack is part of family history. People want to buy a gift that reminds them of that connection."

The redesigned Mack Shop site is one aspect of Mack's strategy to increase sales of licensed products to a worldwide audience. In addition to the online and brick-and-mortar shops, Mack has opened a holiday kiosk at Hanes Mall, located near the company's headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina, and is pursuing opportunities to sell Mack-branded items through mainstream retail outlets.

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