Last weekend, the Colorado Department of Transportation began three regular winter programs to assist vehicle operators on Interstate 70 through the Rockies.
The first, called Heavy Tow, is in its fourth year, and provides heavy wreckers at points along the highway on weekends and holidays, when truck tows may be hard to get.

CDOT says the service can free a lane in about 20 minutes on average, instead of the more than an hour it took before the program.

A second CDOT program ensures that truck drivers will be able to buy and install the chains they are obliged by Colorado law to carry when they travel I-70 in the winter. CDOT regularly inspects the chain vendors along the route.

Finally, CDOT also offers help to the drivers of smaller vehicles who may have trouble in the mountains during the winter, in the interests of safety and to keep traffic moving.

For details, contact the Colorado Motor Carriers Association at 303-433-3375, or see: Colorado Motor Carriers Association.