Pennsylvania State Police placed 87 trucks and 53 drivers out of service during a one-day statewide enforcement effort that focused on seat belt use and proper driver and vehicle documentation.

Operation SAFE, which stands for Seat Belt and Fatigue Enforcement, was conducted Oct. 20 by members of state police motor carrier enforcement teams.

"The teams checked for seat belt use by truckers and examined commercial driver's licenses, vehicle inspection reports, hours of service logs and other required documentation," said Commissioner Frank E. Pawlowski. "Our efforts are aimed at increasing safety for truckers and others on the roads by ensuring that commercial vehicle drivers are properly belted and are not exceeding federal limits on hours of operation."

Pawlowski said 1,464 commercial vehicles were inspected, resulting in the issuance of 647 traffic citations and 1,217 written warnings. He said 57 of the traffic citations were issued for drivers not wearing seat belts.

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