At the 63rd IAA truck show, held September in Hannover, Germany, DAF showed its medium-duty LF Hybrid in production form.
It was on display as a prototype at the previous show two years ago.

DAF, Paccar's European truck manufacturing brand, announced that it will use Eaton's electric hybrid power system on the LF Hybrid. The DAF hybrid is part of parent company Paccar's global hybrid program, which also selected Eaton hybrid power for its Peterbilt and Kenworth hybrid offerings.

The Eaton hybrid electric power system combines the truck's diesel engine with an electric motor/generator that is located between an Eaton automated clutch and an Eaton automated six-speed transmission. The controls recover and store energy normally lost during braking. When electric torque is blended with engine torque, the stored energy is used to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and improve overall vehicle performance. When equipped with Eaton's electric power take off (ePTO) the hybrid system can operate on battery power only to power accessories and worksite tools.

The LF Hybrid, on display at the DAF booth was compelemented by a nearby Eaton display with the complete line-up of Eaton hybrid power systems. This included Eaton's Hybrid Electric, Hydraulic Hybrid Launch Assist and Plug-In Hybrid Electric power systems.

According to Dimitri Kazarinoff, vice president and general manager of Eaton's Hybrid Power Systems Division, these hybrid systems are in operation in trucks and busses around the world and have accumulated more than 107 million kilometers of road-tested service and contributed to the saving of more than two and a half million gallons of fuel and kept more than 28,000 tons of harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere.