Cummins has partnered with VanDyne SuperTurbo to develop more fuel-efficient Class 8 trucks using VanDyne SuperTurbochargers as part of the Super Truck program.
The Super Truck program is a cost-sharing initiative between the Department of Energy (DOE) and the private sector.

Under the agreement, Cummins and VanDyne will work to develop a VanDyne SuperTurbocharger for a Cummins engine. This technology captures waste heat in the exhaust and adds it back on top of the engine's power, increasing both fuel efficiency and horsepower in internal combustion engines. If successful, the agreement may result in VanDyne SuperTurbochargers going into high volume production in the future.

"Our technology allows manufacturers of internal combustion engines to meet their CO2 reduction targets without changing that much in their vehicles," said Ed VanDyne, founder and CEO of VanDyne SuperTurbo. "We also have the ability to support future engine platforms in hybrids to further improve total vehicle energy efficiency."

Cummins was awarded $39 million under the SuperTruck program to specifically develop more fuel efficient Class 8 trucks. The goal is to improve vehicle freight efficiency by 50 percent through advanced and highly efficient engine systems and vehicle technologies that meet prevailing emissions and safety requirements.

The VanDyne SuperTurbocharger works by combining a turbocharger with its own CVT transmission to increase fuel efficiency and horsepower while reducing CO2 emissions. The product has the low-end torque of a supercharger, even higher power than a turbocharger, together with the efficiency gains of turbo-compounding, all in one device.

"Exploration of the VanDyne technology is an exciting complement to Cummins technologies portfolio to provide greater vehicle fuel economy and improved driveability," said Don Stanton, principal investigator for Cummins Super Truck program.

"By investing Recovery dollars in next generation fuel efficient trucks here at home, we're not only creating new job opportunities now, but helping lay a new foundation to keep American auto manufacturers competitive in the 21st century global marketplace," said Vice President Joe Biden. "Through strategic public-private investments like these, the Recovery Act is helping lay the groundwork for an expansion of our clean energy economy."

The Super Truck program is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act designed to ensure innovation and technology development in America at both small and large companies.