Qualcomm has been ranked at the top of the latest Vendor Matrix released by ABI Research.

Xata Corp. and Webtech Wireless claimed the second and third spots in the company's recent evaluation of worldwide Commercial Telematics In-Cab Hardware vendors.

The Vendor Matrix is an analytical tool developed by ABI Research to provide a clear understanding of vendors' positions in specific markets. Vendors are assessed on the important parameters of "innovation" and "implementation" across several criteria unique to each vendor matrix.

ABI officials note that Qualcomm Enterprise Solutions maintains its top ranking thanks to its high market share, organizational health, regional coverage, quality and reliability, advanced commercial navigation functionality and its innovative MCP100/200 Mobile Computing Platform addressing the emerging demand for revenue-generating driver empowerment and productivity.

For this particular matrix, under "innovation," ABI Research examined:
* User Interface - Integration of monochrome / color screens and input devices such as keyboards.
* Features - Overall number of relevant features and functionality.
* Navigation - Integrated navigation and real-time traffic functionality.
* Vehicle monitoring / sensors - Number of I/O ports, sensors and direct interfaces with the engine and other vehicle systems.
* Convergence and standardization - Offerings based on or interfacing with converged devices such as smartphones, connected PNDs, netbooks and other devices. Use of standard software platforms.

Under "implementation," ABI Research scrutinized the following criteria:
* Pricing - Overall level and modularity of hardware and service subscription pricing level.
* Market share - Global and regional market share.
* Vertical segments - Number of vertical segments targeted by the vendor.
* Regional Coverage - Number of regions targeted by the vendor.
* Hardware configurations - Modularity of hardware and service offer; personalization and customization capabilities.
* Organizational health - Financial and overall organizational strength taking into account ownership structure.
* Quality & reliability -Overall quality of hardware, software and service offerings.

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