Fifty-three roadside inspectors representing jurisdictions across North America convened last week in Columbus, Ohio, to compete in the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's North American Inspectors Championship.

Richard Robinson, a CVSA-certified North American Standard Level I inspector from Ontario, was awarded the Jimmy K. Ammons Grand Champion Award for his combined performances in seven competition elements, including the North American Standard Level I Inspection and North American Standard HazMat/Transportation of Dangerous Goods Inspection.

"Everyday lives are saved on our nation's highways because of the exceptional skill and tireless commitment to safety of commercial motor vehicle inspectors. The hard work of these dedicated law enforcement professionals makes a real difference," said Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Anne Ferro.

NAIC is managed by CVSA and is funded in part by FMCSA.

In addition to the Grand Champion award, the following were also presented:

High Points United States: James Canard - Arkansas

High Points Canada: Richard Robinson - Ontario

High Points Mexico: Gamaliel Perez - Mexico

North American Standard Level I Inspection: 1. Richard Robinson - Ontario; 2. Benjamin Schropfer - Nebraska; 3. Robert Keeney - Massachusetts.

North American Standard Level V Passenger Vehicle (Motorcoach) Inspection: 1. John Jackson - Alberta; 2. Richard Robinson - Ontario; 3. Kasey Smolha - Utah.

North American Standard Hazardous Materials/Transportation of Dangerous Goods and Cargo Tank/Bulk Packagings Inspection: 1. Brad Gibson - Texas; 2. James Canard - Arkansas; 3. Richard Robinson - Ontario.

John Youngblood Award of Excellence: Christopher Smithen - Nevada

Team Award: Yellow Team: Team Leader - Shelia Lucas; John Jackson - Alberta; Wayne Bradshaw - Illinois; Robert Keeney - Massachusetts; Benjamin Schropfer - Nebraska; John Sova - North Dakota; Adam Pockette - Vermont; Juel Leuis - Wyoming.

CVSA is an international not-for-profit organization comprised of local, state, provincial, territorial, and federal motor carrier safety officials and industry representatives from the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Its mission is to promote commercial motor vehicle safety and security by providing leadership to enforcement, industry and policy makers.