An upcoming GE Capital Fleet Services webinar will examine the use of benchmarking to monitor fleet performance.
The online webinar, part of GE's Spotlight Series, will be held Tuesday, Aug. 10, at 1 p.m. Central time.

The webinar will feature insights from Suzanne Gallagher, director of global fleet and WHQ procurement at Johnson & Johnson, and Mark Smith, general manager strategic consulting services for GE Capital Fleet Services.

The discussion will focus on how Johnson & Johnson has successfully integrated benchmarking into the company's strategic fleet planning process and how companies have used benchmarking to improve fleet performance. The webinar will also include highlights from GE Capital Fleet Services' 2009 sales and services benchmarking studies.

The webinar will illustrate how commercial fleets are using benchmarking to monitor fleet performance and identify savings in addition to policy and process improvement opportunities.

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