Overall load availability fell 3.2 percent from April to May, although spot market freight availability was up 216 percent over the year-ago month
, according to TransCore's market research. TransCore said month-over-month increases are more typical of this season.

However, load volume was the highest for the month of May in the past 10 years, TransCore said.

While flatbeds have been performing well since January, contributing to a surge in spot market load volume, this sector was down 15 percent in May from its record-breaking levels. This large drop contributed to the month-over-month decrease.

Dry van operators saw a 3 percent boost in loads in May, while those in the refrigerated sector saw a 6 percent increase.

TransCore predicts we'll see high freight volumes and favorable inbound-to-outbound load ratios come from Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Missouri and South Carolina, looking to July.