The National Tank Truck Carriers has honored Andrews Logistics with multiple safety awards, including the 2009 Outstanding Performance Trophy.

Recipients of the Outstanding Performance Trophy are singled out for their outstanding safety record; their safety preventive maintenance programs; their personnel safety program and record; their involvement in tank-truck industry issues; and their contributions to ongoing highway safety.

In 2009, Irving, Texas-based ALI ran 10.7 million miles, with an accident frequency rate of 0.093 per million miles.

ALI also received NTTC Grand Awards in the "10 to 13 million miles class" for Competitive Safety, Personnel Safety, and in the Annual Safety Improvement category. The Annual Safety Improvement Award compares a company's accident frequency record on a year-to-year basis and recognizes carriers that improve on their own past performance.

Griff Odgers, vice president of safety and risk for ALI, was named the 2009 Tank Truck Safety Director of the Year.

"In the tank truck transportation industry, safety can never be taken for granted," said J. Darron Eschle, CEO of Andrews Logistics. "We're constantly looking for innovative ways to provide our clients with safe and error-free deliveries, and we're honored that our efforts have been recognized by an organization that contributes so much to our industry."

The NTTC's 2009 Safety Contest Winners were announced during a May 12 breakfast in Chicago.