The Reliance Network, a consortium of regional less-than-truckload carriers, today has added Mountain Valley Express and Peninsula Truck Lines as providers covering the western U.S.
The two new carriers replace DATS Trucking, which had previously provided service in that region. While DATS will continue to operate in the western U.S., it will no longer be part of The Reliance Network.

The Reliance Network is meant to create a unified, cross-continent coalition for all freight services.

Instead of managing shipments with multiple carriers to service their regional, national and worldwide shipping needs, shippers can work directly with their local Reliance Network member.

According to the Reliance Network, these carriers can provide more consistent transit times and more local service, seamless coverage, expertise and customer service from more than 15,000 team members, real-time shipment visibility, secure data management, and accurate administrative processes.

"Over the last year, the network has made many improvements, including improving transit times, updating transit information and improving connectivity between computer networks," said Geoffrey Muessig, Pitt Ohio Express' vice president of sales.