Starting Dec. 31, 2010, ASE will no longer offer the Truck Aftermarket Brake Parts(P3), Truck Aftermarket Suspension & Steering (P9) or Engine Machinist (M-Series) tests as part of its certification program.

The last chance for taking a regular or recertification P3, P9 or Engine Machinist test will be the fall testing administration in November, which will extend ASE certification credentials in the affected areas to 2015.

According to Tim Zilke, ASE president and CEO, the decision to end the tests was not made lightly. "Our board of directors carefully examined trends in the industry, as well as the number of candidates required to provide enough data to ensure a quality testing product beyond 2010," Zilke said. "Since producing anything less is not an option, based on the results of the study, our board decided to discontinue these tests."