YRC Worldwide is now offering its customers the new Green Balance Calculator, an optional tool they can use to help offset emissions associated with their shipments via certified carbon offset projects.

The Green Balance Calculator evaluates eight transportation activities that produce or influence carbon emissions including: fuel, rail miles, air miles, electricity, hotel nights, employee commuting, rental car miles and employee reimbursed miles.

"We are dedicated to effectively and aggressively promoting greenhouse gas reduction, waste reduction, and conservation across our daily operations to reduce our carbon footprint," said Mike Kelley, chief sustainability officer for YRC Worldwide.

The company's network provides "carpooling" for shipments, creating greater load density and reducing unnecessary emissions. Instead of idling trucks overnight, YRC Worldwide provides hotel lodging for drivers, eliminating excessive engine idling and the emissions it generates. The company also places speed restrictions on its engines.

For more information about the Green Balance Calculator, visit www.yrcw.com/green/green_balance.html.