The ISO and the National Insurance Crime Bureau are gearing up to launch CargoNet, the new national database aimed at combating cargo theft, on Jan. 31
, according to reports by InformationWeek.

The new system will leverage existing databases with additional secure reporting and analytic functions to share cargo theft information among theft victims, insurers and law enforcement. In addition to these integrated databases, CargoNet will include a theft alert system; law enforcement task force investigative support through the National Insurance Crime Bureau; a tractor-trailer theft deterrence program; a Truck Stop Watch program; driver education and incentives; secondary market monitoring and interdiction; crime trend analysis; and training and education through an outreach program.

The ISO and NICB hope the system will close the gaps in the information sharing network and get cargo crime data out faster.

Earlier this month, the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies announced it would join the CargoNet initiative as a charter member.

"Cargo theft causes significant direct and indirect losses throughout the supply chain, and left unchecked, it results in an economic drain to shippers, carriers and, ultimately, consumers," said Pat Stoik, vice president of Chubb & Son, and Chubb's global commercial inland marine manager. "A national database will make it easier to spot cargo theft trends and develop effective loss prevention techniques."