While a missing Arrow Trucking Co. driver has turned up in Iowa, the bankrupt flatbed company still has trucks missing all over country
, according to reports by Tulsa World.

The former Arrow driver, John Eischens, who was reported missing last week, called his mother and brother on Saturday. A Texas official told the World that Eischens traveled from Montana, where he ditched his truck on Christmas day, to Iowa with another truck driver.

The carrier suddenly ceased operations on Dec. 21, laying off all 1,400 employees without notice, after its main creditor froze the company's fuel credit cards and operating capital. Many drivers were left stranded, and a class action lawsuit has been filed on their behalf.

Most recently, Arrow filed a petition for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation as its main creditor filed suit against the carrier.

But Arrow is not the only one suffering in the aftermath of its decision to shut down. Navistar and Daimler are struggling to retrieve missing trucks and trailers, which were abandoned all over the country.

Of the 125 International trucks and 125 flatbed trailers, Navistar has found 43 trucks and trailers, the World reports. The manufacturer is offering a $200 reward for tips on where these trucks and trailers are located.

Daimler Truck Financial has been providing $200 in cash or a bus ticket home to Arrow drivers who hand in their Freightliner and Kenworth trucks and trailers. The company has found 835 out of 967 trucks, but still has 429 trailers out on the roads, according to the World.