Schneider National has converted its mixed trailer/container fleet to an all-container fleet, after working on the conversion for three years.
Schneider's trailer-to-container conversion included more than 12,000 units and required a multi-million-dollar investment in its intermodal business.

"Current economic realities require that shippers scrutinize every aspect of their supply chain in search of energy efficiencies and cost savings," said Bill Matheson, Schneider's president of intermodal services. "Our 53-foot container-focused service makes it even easier for customers to leverage Schneider Intermodal's trucklike service and the environmental benefits that come with shipping by rail."

Schneider says customers have been receptive to the change because of the service improvements and cost savings. The project represents one of the company's largest intermodal equipment investments in Schneider's nearly 20-year history of operating an intermodal fleet.

"The benefits of moving freight via intermodal containers are so significant that there's no doubt containers will become the intermodal standard in the very near future," Matheson said. "Shippers want to stack containers and move more freight - in an energy-efficient manner - at one time. They also want a simplified process for trailer/container management, both for their shipping department and the truck drivers moving their freight."