As the economy recovers, there will be more demand than ever for safe and business-savvy owner-operators, independent contractors and leased drivers. That's why Newport Communications will introduce the new RoadStar in June 2010.

Whether they're a new professional trucker or have been in the business for decades, RoadStar will address the vital issues affecting their operations, their equipment and their businesses.

"The owner-operator, independent contractor and leased driver are vital to our nation's economic well-being, touching nearly every aspect of our lives - from the food we eat and the clothing we wear to the lumber for our buildings and homes and the nuts and bolts that hold our cars together," says Kate Miller, president and group publisher. "We are excited about the return of RoadStar to the trucking industry."

RoadStar will provide up-to-date and in-depth information for professional truckers to be efficient and productive, safe and profitable in operating and managing his or her business and equipment.

"Some people think the economy, high fuel prices and other factors mean the end of the owner-operator," says Deborah Lockridge, editor-in-chief. "But we believe we are looking at the dawn of a new era of professional trucker. Changes in the industry will mean owner-operators need to be smarter about their business, their equipment, safety and other vital issues. RoadStar will help build this new generation of professional trucker."

RoadStar will be delivered to truckers through home delivery as well as distribution through the industry's leading trucking fleets.