The entire delivery fleet of U.S. Foodservice-Atlanta has started running on biodiesel fuel, including 185 tractors and 210 trailers

The company's fleet started using biodiesel last week, after receiving its first 7,500-gallon delivery of B5, a blend of diesel containing 5 percent biodiesel. Biodiesel is a sustainable, renewable alternative to diesel fuel that can dramatically reduce greenhouse gases and other emissions.

"Utilizing biodiesel is a continuation of our ongoing environmental strategy," said John Leake, president of U.S. Foodservice-Atlanta. "Improving our overall impact on the environment - while helping our customers find effective ways to do the same - not only makes good business sense, it's the right thing to do."

Biodiesel costs on average about a penny more per gallon. U.S. Foodservice-Atlanta expects the switch to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by about 788,000 pounds, or about 4 percent, per year.

Atlanta is the third U.S. Foodservice division to use biodiesel in its fleet. Other divisions using biodiesel include those in Streator, Ill., and Plymouth, Minn.