Vipar Heavy Duty saw a boost in attendance among its distributors, supplier partners and industry associates at this year's Annual Business Conference, which was held at the Marco Island Marriott, in Marco Island, Fla., Oct. 18-23.

"The strong turnout we achieved was reflective of the positive upbeat attitude that pervaded our annual business conference and the value that our distributors and supplier partners see in our event," said Steve Crowley, president, Vipar Heavy Duty. "While there were mixed opinions regarding the business climate that lies immediately ahead of us, there was a strong determination among attendees to evolve with these times and maximize the opportunities before them."

The theme of the conference was "Evolution." The keynote presentation, "Adapting to Change," was presented by Ed Viesturs, an outdoor adventurer.

"Ed helped inspire our distributor members with his adventures climbing the world's highest mountains without the use of supplemental oxygen," said Jeff Paul, director of marketing, Vipar Heavy Duty. "His message was timely considering the need for adaptability in the constantly evolving business environment. Importantly, he told us that in reaching the top it's not just what you've achieved, but how you've achieved it and that getting to the top is optional, but getting down is mandatory."

The conference also included a report on Vipar Heavy Duty's strategic direction, as well as a progress report on the organization's launch of its new distribution centers with brake remanufacturing facilities, an update on business development plans, the introduction of 2010 marketing strategies and programs and a report on business technology systems.

The Vipar Heavy Duty Annual Business Conference includes general sessions, break-out meetings, the annual stockholders meeting, tradeshow, one-on-one stockholder/supplier partner meetings, as well as various other business programs. These events during the conference provide plenty of opportunities for stockholders and suppliers to interact, which is beneficial to both parties.

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