The Department of Energy has increased its estimates for diesel prices for the rest of 2009 and into 2010
. According to the most recent monthly Short-Term Energy Outlook, the DOE's Energy Information Administration set its forecast for fourth quarter diesel at $2.79 a gallon, up from last month's forecast of $2.60.

Trucking's main fuel was on the rise for most of October, gaining 22.6 cents during that time. Diesel prices fell this week to an average of $2.801.

For 2010, the agency expects diesel prices to average $2.94 a gallon.

The EIA expects the average price of gasoline to rise from $2.55 a gallon in October to $2.70 in November. A reflection of higher crude prices, the price of gasoline should average $2.36 a gallon for 2009, and $2.81 in 2010. The agency anticipates gas prices to reach near $3 a gallon during next year's driving season.

The department also raised its estimates for the prices of West Texas Intermediate crude oil by $7 per barrel, to an average of about $77 per barrel this winter. The monthly average for crude oil should reach about $81 a barrel by December 2010, as U.S. and world economic conditions improve.