Building a company web site is becoming increasingly important for distributors and shops to get visibility in the marketplace
, according to Craig Fry, a partner at Wade&Partners. During a recent session at the Service Specialists Association's annual convention in Washington, D.C., Fry stressed the importance of having a web site and gave tips on how to establish one.

During his presentation on "How to Build a Pretty Good Website," Fry said if you want to get your company's name out there, then you can create a web site for free in as little as an hour and a half, including the process of reading the necessary tutorials. This type of web site would include company logo and pictures; company history and capabilities; products; contact information; and a map showing where the company is located and how to get there.

Fry also touched on some of the problems that can arise in maintaining a web site, including the "Page Not Found" message associated with broken links, and missing graphics.

The presentation also covered the changing role of advertising in the industry. According to Fry, advertising used to be centered around coming up with a unique selling proposition, while today the approach is centered around creating an emotional connection between the customer and the brand.

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