Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was on hand at California's State Capitol building in Sacramento to debut Vision Industries' Tyrano truck Tuesday, the zero emission hydrogen fuel cell/plug-in electric hybrid
. According to Lawrence Weisdorn, chairman, chief operating officer and director of Vision Industries, the Governor was officially unveiling the truck to the state of California.

The Tyrano, which will be built and sold in California, is 30 to 40 percent cheaper to run than diesel, Weisdorn said. The truck is 50 percent cheaper than natural gas. Weighing in at 80,000 pounds, the vehicle offers 536 horsepower and an available 3,300 pounds-feet of torque, he said. In addition, the truck does not idle.

"And one area that is very important, to improve technology on, is with trucks," Schwarzenegger said at the event. "It happened to be that I've seen this truck now twice. I've seen it down at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles where they're testing this truck right now. And then, just literally a day later, I saw it at a car show in Santa Monica where they had alternative-fuel vehicles displayed."

"And this car has zero emissions. Now, here's a truck that has 535 horsepower and it goes up to a 200-miles range with one charge," he continued.

At Tuesday's event, attendees had the opportunity to closely inspect the Tyrano and ask questions of Schwarzenegger and of Vision. According to Weisdorn, Schwarzenegger said California needs the truck, not only for the jobs created in building it, but also for the carbon dioxide reductions.

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