To help carriers comply with its new regulations for reefer units, the California Air Resources Board has provided a list of pollution control technology options on its web site

In CARB's Transportation Refrigeration Unit Airborne Toxic Control Measure, starting Dec. 31, 2009, model year 2002 and older TRUs will require equipment to clean up exhaust from the reefer's diesel engine. The exhaust systems of these older models must be fitted with approved diesel particulate filters on their engines, or they must be replaced with new model engines. After the December deadline, all noncompliant TRUs will be cited with penalties up to $500 per unit.

A list of currently available compliance technologies for meeting the standards can be found at

For more on how to meet the new regulations, see the July 2009 Trailer Report in Heavy Duty Trucking magazine, "California Reefers"